DollCare Organic Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
DollCare Organic Crystal Collagen Lip Mask

DollCare Organic Crystal Collagen Lip Mask

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Want Super Soft Plump Lips?  The DollCare Lip Mask is for you!


The Crystal Lip Mask stores natural fruit acid, collagen, amino acids moisturizing factor and vitamin E. Through slow
infiltration, it protect the lips against UV lights, and keep the lip moist to prevent the lips from accelerated aging for fear of the emergence of dullness or fine lines.

1.Cleanse and dry your lip thoroughly.
2.Open this foil package and apply the mask onto your lip.
3.Gently press the mask on to your lip to create a snug fit.
4.Apply any excess bio-collagen gel over your mask for better moisturizing effect.
5.Wear the lip mask for 15 to 30 minutes.
6.Remove the mask gently .
  • Lightens Lip Lines 
  • Moisturizers 
  • Deep Nourishment 

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